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We Tell The Truth That Will Transform Your Business

At DALFAST, we believe the truth has the power to transform your business. We combine real market evidence from multiple sources with industry expertise to uncover the truth about your business and fuel your most important decisions, from idea through to action.

We Support You

Is your company ready to expand but there is something missing? Perhaps you are unsure about the next step, That were we come in to support you.

We Commit Our Expert

We can help with your challenges in the following : Strategy crafting, Business development, Process improvement, Quality improvement, Web development, Competency Growth, Project Management and Marketing across Nigeria and Europe.

We Grow With You

We will provide genuine experts, working alongside you in this these areas, so that your business can expand in the most profitable way.

We Are The Business Expansion Experts

We’ll help you seize tomorrow’s most profitable business opportunities before anyone else does. We’ll help you develop the perfect product and take it to market. We’ll help you create a unique customer experience that delights your customers at every stage in their journey and keeps them loyal for a lifetime. And we’ll help you build the internal culture you’ll need to make this all happen, so you can attract, retain and engage the best talent.

Our solutions and tools are designed for decision-making. We can focus on one aspect of your business or connect them all, to drive profitable growth throughout your whole enterprise. Our smart, curious teams will work with you every step of the way, from uncovering the truth to recommending a course of action. We’re large enough to solve big problems and small enough to work at the speed of business. We’re proud to be part of the Engine Group: Giving you access to some of the most innovative ideas, all under one roof, so you can move from intelligence to action seamlessly.

When you can see the truth, you can transform your future. Let’s get started!

Reasons To Choose Us

Our team has experience working for major corporations as well as for small businesses. We understand the pressures weighing on business owners and senior decision-makers, whether it’s the daily decisions faced by a small family firm, or a key change to a portfolio of products worth millions of euro, naira, dollars and pounds. We know what works and what doesn’t. We put our proposals into action for you.
Our skill-set extends across many overlapping areas of business expertise: strategy, marketing, business development, restructuring. This means you can make smarter decisions faster, without endless meetings with large groups of people. However, on the rare occasions you may need additional help, we can access specialists from our approved partners.
We don’t suddenly appear, make a few general observations and then vanish, leaving you with a large bill. We’re willing to work hand-in-hand with your business at a deeper, employee level. You can trust us. We’re open, honest, knowledgeable, committed and genuinely care about making your company a success. We’ll stay for as long as you need us. See our unique approach and our flexible pricing.
During times of business growth, it’s very easy for companies to waste money on marketing plans, product launches and campaigns that turn out to be flawed. When working for your company, we’ll help you to avoid these approaches and focus only on proven strategies that will deliver the maximum return on investment (ROI).
Expanding in a profitable way is great news for any company. But it often leads to ‘growing pains’ as the business needs to reshape and re-organise around different objectives, products/services and customers. Our experts will enable you to plan ahead, so you can prepare for these extra challenges in advance. This way, you can adapt easily, avoid the pressures of unforeseen consequences and protect the morale of your staff. With our help, you can make your profitability sustainable.

Our Services

At DALFAST we are fully committed to supporting your organisation by offering dynamic and innovative solutions to problems that threaten your long-term prosperity and sustainability.
Our unique integrated services will help you expand and grow with increased profits, We help you create a framework dealing with organisational change.
We support your organisation during any stage, whether it is start-up, turnaround, accelerated growth, realignment, or sustaining success.

Strategy Management

Our firm is dedicated to helping you solve any problem to move you up and to the right toward record profits. Our hardworking team is curious, cautious, and confident. We want to succeed together in bringing your best ideas to life.

Business Development

We help the small- and medium-sized firms grow in the initial stages of their development. With distressed businesses, we help companies regain sound financial footing by by taking advantage of a wide variety options.

Process Improvement

Changes in the global business environment have made process improvement an imperative for organizations. We can help you setup process improvement initiatives that can deliver substantial benefits to your organisation.

Quality Improvement

We makes your work easy with our quality improvement strategy, We help you work better by Transforming old and manual ways of managing quality, When quality improve your business grow.

Web Development

We’ve been building aplications and websites for a very long time. we’ve done almost everything under the sun in terms of web development. Our ability is help you to build dynamic, personalized user-centric applications and websites that will enables you explore innovative opportunities.

Competency Growth

We enables companies to carry out effective measures focusing on the right skills, goals and measures for each employee. We help you develops a competency structure that secures short-term and long-term goals for your organisation.

Project Management

With visibility into all your project portfolios, you will be able to get full visibility from idea to execution. Project prioritization and planning is simple, and you can track planned and unplanned work in one place.

Marketing Consulting

Are you a Nigeria or Slovak company and you want to open a company or market your products in Nigeria or in Slovakia? DALFAST is one of the top marketing firms, and we’re ready and willing to help make your brand succeed.

What makes us different?

Our experts are willing to join you at an employee level for as long as you need. We become an extended part of your team, sharing in your pressures, challenges and successes. We’re highly committed and deeply engaged. Your success matters to us.


We have a phased approach, and you can decide to leave at any point.

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We have a flexible pricing to work in a way that best suits you.

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On Target

We deliver results, have a look at our proof points.

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Hours Of Support



Your Challenges

Running a company is demanding, even when things are going well

New business opportunities should be exciting. But when you’re under pressure already, they can feel like a problem. You’re short of time, you’re worried about making the wrong choices and you don’t have anyone in-house with the right skills to help.

Many small and medium-sized businesses feel exactly this way. But that’s where DALFAST can help. We’re the business expansion experts. Do you recognise any of these challenges?

What are the implications of growth for my company?

Why do we always have the feeling we’re running out of cash?

What markets should we address to grow? How should we get there?

What should we stop doing?

Which of our process is not really working?

We’ve spotted a Process gap and What should we do to improve it?

Is there really a gap in our process?

We’ve got some great ideas to improve our process. What are the likely way to improve it?

What do we need to improve the quality of our sevices and products?

How do we build a quality gate to keep track on all our projects?

How can we analyse and improve quality?

Is there really a gap in our quality?

What are our growth opportunity?

What type of clients should we approach first?

How can our company grow faster selling to current and new customers?

What do we need to sell across Europe and Africa easily?

Which new customers should we target and what should we sell them?

Why do we need a new website or an application?

Who are our targeted audience?

What do we want people to do when they get to our website and application?

How are we going to promote our new site and application?

How do we treat our customers as an assets?

How do we align our business through customer experience?

How to we unite sources of customer feedback?

How do we take a proactive approach?

How do we improve the Project Estimation and Budgeting/Cost Control?

How do we gain a better understanding of your true Resource Capability?

How do we ensure we select and prioritize the right projects?

How do we plan projects in a clear and consistent manner?

Do you want to open a company in Slovakia or Nigeria?

Do you want to market your products in Slovakia or Nigeria?

Do you want to make a market research in Slovakia or Nigeria?

We can help with these typical business issues and many others, thanks to our unique approach and flexible pricing.

Contact us today and We’ll fix up a meeting at no cost to you. It will be a pleasure to meet you and hear about your business challenges and opportunities.

Flexible Pricing

We understand that companies can be at different stages in their financial lifecycles.
Our business strategy consulting pricing model can flex to fit your needs. Options include:

A per-day or a monthly rate

Payments by results, based on agreed outcomes

Variable, commission-based fees

Contact us today and We’ll fix up a meeting at no cost to you.
It will be a pleasure to meet you and hear about your business challenges and opportunities.

Our Approach

There is something fresh and unique about DALFAST

Our experts are willing to join you at an employee level for as long as you need.
We become an extended part of your team, sharing in your pressures, challenges and successes. We’re highly committed and deeply engaged. Your success matters to us.
We adopt a three-step approach to helping your company:


We spend time with you to understand your business goals and challenges.

We're good listeners. We respect you. Your company is unique.

We'll ask key questions and explore various possibilities.

Afterwards, we'll be in touch with our assessment and recommendations.

We'll be happy to sign any confidentiality agreements.

Discover & Commit

If you want to proceed, one of our experts will come and work with you.

We will come and interview/survey your Team and understand your core processes.

We will prepare a brief with the result of our analysis and a proposal that will include an objective, an action plan, and our level of involvement.

You'll find us to be friendly, helpful, reliable and trustworthy.


We'll fit neatly within your team.

It could be for a few days, weeks or months. See our flexible pricing.

We'll put our agreed plans into action and make things happen.

At every stage, we'll be focused on outcomes: time, cost and results.

We'll keep you closely involved at all times - without overwhelming you.

When an assignment comes to fruition, we'll celebrate the success with you.

We'll also think ahead to 'what happens next?' and present more ideas.

We'd love to continue working with you but that's your choice.

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